Having Problem With Google Docs? Here Is A Quick Fix [1 Click Solution]
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Having Problem With Google Docs? Here Is A Quick Fix [1 Click Solution]

Is Google Docs Acting Funny?? Fix Solution

Hey Guys

Sorry for being MIA for so long, was stuck in some works

And today this is a quick blog post, actually for some time I have been working on an Ebook

I’m writing it in GoogleDocs & Today when I opened the Google Docs, The whole document was all over the place

Google Docs was really acting funny, formatting was gone, text was all over the place, the cursor was not working it was stuck to the left side, Copy paste was disabled & so much more was going on

It was really Irritating. I actually thought that

Is Google Docs Down?

But it isn’t, there is some issue that is going on & today we will see how you can fix it

It is super easy, all you got to do is disable your Ad Blocker

Yes, guys, it is your AdBlocker, there is some issue with the new update of Ad Bocker with Google docs so go ahead & disable your ad blocker & refresh your document

And You’ll have your google docs back to normal

This simple trick helped me, so I thought to share it with you guys as well

Because I know how much we all use Google Docs, our work depends on it. so we need it to work

Anyway. I really hope it works for you, as it worked for me

Let me know if you need any help

And sorry again for not updating for this long, but now I’m back for good & you’ll be getting amazing content from me really soon

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