How To Change Published Post URL Without Losing Traffic? [ 1 Click Easy Fix]
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How To Change Published Post URL Without Losing Traffic? [ 1 Click Easy Fix]

Can You Make Changes To The URL Once the Post Is Published?

How Many of you have ever wondered about this? I’m sure you have.

There can be many instances when we have to make changes to the URL, but we get quite skeptical about it because once the URL is changed, the old one no longer works until you make the redirection

If you fail to do redirection properly, chances are high that you’ll be losing quite some traffic.

Now You might be wondering why would anyone wanna change the URLs right? here are some scenarios where making changes to the URL is required

Sometimes in hurry to publish on time, to meet the deadline you might have made a spelling mistake. You might have skipped a space that made two of your words one in URL, you might wanna change the title like Focus keyword or Date

There are many things that might make you feel like some changes to URLs are required. but how to do it

How To Change Your URL Without Losing Traffic (301 Directions)

When You Change Your URLs, your old URL no longer leads to the page it was intended to & it could play a wrong part while directing traffic to your site. without proper redirection, it will lead to Error 404 -Page Not Found

As long as the post isn’t published, you can change the URLs as many times as you want. but once it is published, even minute changes are accountable.

You need to make the redirection from Old URL to New one so that even when someone clicks on your old URL they will not be directed to Page Not Found (Error 404) but by Default, they will land on your new URL

Why URL Redirection is important?

Redirection is really important because if the post is published, you might have already shared it on Social Media platforms. Even if you haven’t shared it anywhere if you have an email service set up  it might have already sent the mail updating your subscribers about the new post (old URL) so you need to redirect it so that they land on Your new URL & you don’t end up losing quality traffic

How can you do it?

How To Redirect The Old URL To the New One?

There are plugins that can help you with it. the majority of them need you to do a bit of setting, copy-pasting some code, etc. But recently I came across this plugin which makes redirection a piece of cake

You don’t need to do anything, just install this plugin, activate it & that’s all… Everything else will be taken care of by this plugin

and this plugin is called Redirection

This plugin is available to download in WordPress Plugin & it is free

And Wait! Before you think that this a promotional post, let me clarify something here. I’m not an affiliate with them neither am I sponsored by them which means I’m not getting paid to write this

I recently found this & it was a great help to me. that is why I’m sharing this

How I Came across Redirection Plugin?

Actually, I’m working with a client of mine who is running a health care blog, he writes the content & I do the SEO & upload it. but last week, he missed writing the content on time, when he finally did as he was already behind the schedule rather than optimizing the article, he thought he will just upload it.

He wanted to upload the content for his readers & thought once it is published we can later optimize it. but he goofed up

He included the date in the URL(Thing I don’t recommend, also did a spelling mistake) So we had to change it. And I had a pretty busy week, I knew how to do 301 redirections but it needed time & more importantly focus. but I was completed tired

So I searched for an easy way out & I found this

And it really saved the day. That’s is why I just wanted to share this with you

How To Download Redirection Plugin

Just go to the admin dashboard of Your WordPress blog & go to Plugins

On the too there is a button called Add New>> click on it >> search Redirection >> Install it >> Activate It then go to set up >> start setup then you get the option if you want to monitor the redirections & maintain the records. select the ones you want >> continue. it takes hardly 1-2 mins to record all the redirections then click on finish

and there, you are all set 🙂

Best URL Redirection Plugin

If you guys have any questions, feel free to get in touch

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