How to start a podcast

Ultimate Guide- How To Start A Podcast + 10 Proven Strategies to Grow It

How To Start Podcast For Beginners

Podcasts are audio shows that listeners can subscribe to. they are episode-wise shows which can be in any niche – self-help, finance, entertainment, health…basically, anything you want.

As they are audio shows & people can listen to them on the go… this content type is getting quite popular.

And in this article, we are gonna share with you the exact process you need to follow to create your podcast.

So, let’s begin

How to Create A Podcast

Starting a podcast is not really as tough as you might think, it is quite an easy & straightforward process

and here you’ll learn how you can create your podcast even as a beginner.

Step 1

Identify a podcast theme: Choose a topic that you’re passionate about and that you think will appeal to your target audience. It can be anything, as long as your content is valuable, engaging & entertaining. you can create a successful podcast in any niche you want. But make sure there is an audience for it.

This can be done by researching your niche…search for the podcasts in your desired topic, and see the number of podcasts, engagement & the quality of content they are offering. if it looks like something you can do better then jump right in.

Step 2

Decide on a format: Choose a format that works for your theme and audience. Common formats include solo shows, interviews, and co-hosted shows. This is just to get you started & this will be your base format but that doesn’t mean you can’t explore other formats.

For example, if you have a solo show, you can still create interviews & co-hosted episodes. It is just that your podcasts will have you as the core element.

Step 3

Create your podcast brand: Choose a name, design a logo, and create cover art that reflects your podcast’s theme and format. You can use chatgpt to come up with brand name & logo design ideas. Pick something catchy, and related to your niche, and the most important thing is it needs to be something that can be easily remembered.

Step 4

Choose your podcasting equipment: You don’t need expensive equipment to start a podcast. A basic microphone and recording software will suffice.

There are many pretty affordable microphones available on Amazon. just pick the one that matches your demand & budget & you are good to go. And as far as the recording software is concerned there are many pretty good software for you to choose from.

BounceCast: This podcast recording software offers AI-powered recording and editing capabilities, as well as easy distribution to multiple platforms. They also have a free e-book on how to start podcasting, you check it out.

BounceCast Sign Up 

Restream: Restream offers podcast recording and editing software that is user-friendly and offers high-quality audio recording.

Restream Sign Up

Audacity: Audacity is a free, open-source podcast recording software that offers basic recording and editing features.

Audacity Sign Up

Adobe Audition: Adobe Audition is a professional-grade podcast recording and editing software that offers advanced features and tools

Adobe Audition Sign Up

 GarageBand: GarageBand is a free podcast recording software that is available on Mac devices and offers basic recording and editing features

GarageBand Sign Up

Logic Pro: Logic Pro is a professional-grade podcast recording and editing software that is available on Mac devices and offers advanced features and tools

Logic Pro Sign Up

Auphonic: Auphonic is an AI-powered podcast recording and editing software that offers automatic audio post-production and easy distribution to multiple platforms

Auphonic Sign Up

Podbean: Podbean is a podcast hosting platform that offers built-in recording software for podcasters to use

Podbean Sign Up

QuickTime: QuickTime is a free podcast recording software that is available on Mac devices and offers basic recording and editing features

QuickTime Sign Up

Hindenburg Journalist: Hindenburg Journalist is a professional-grade podcast recording and editing software that offers advanced features and tools

Hindenburg Journalist Sign Up

Step 5

Outline your first episode: Plan out the structure and content of your first episode. This will help you stay organized and focused during recording. Don’t think you can just wing it. As much as imprompt podcasts might seem easy & fun. in reality they are pretty bad ideas especially if it is your first podcast.

Being the first episode, the first time for you to put yourself out there, new equipment, new experience you already have too much on your plate to worry about… what you want to say.

Going unprepared will put in unnecessary tension, take way too much effort, retakes which will take up your time, and waste valuable resources if you are someone who is really conscious. it might push you to give up as well.

So to save you the headache, please create an outline for your episode…it doesn’t have to be a script, just an outline so that you know what you have to talk about.

Step 6

Record your podcast: Find a quiet space to record and use your chosen recording software to capture your audio. This is it. Your first piece of content & I can assure you …it will be bad ( not really…but you’ll think it is ) and that is completely ok.

No matter what type of content you are producing, the first piece will always be a bit of…you know what I mean & that is a good thing,

Because it is a beginning & as you go on you’ll see a vast improvement in your work…at the beginning, it is not really about how awesome your content is…put your best & try to provide value that is all you have to do…you can’t expect the quality of the high-class show in the first episode…just put your content out there, keep doing it & you will be unstoppable.

Step 7

Record an intro and outro: Once your episode is recorded. now you need to create an introduction and conclusion for your podcast that includes your podcast’s name, theme, and any relevant information.

Not mandatory but highly appreciated & valued. If I’m just starting out, I won’t skip this.

Step 8

Edit your podcast: Use editing software to remove any unwanted audio and add any necessary sound effects or music. This is important & you can pretty much learn how to do podcast editing by searching on youtube. But if you are short on time or don’t wanna do it & if you have the money…you can hire some podcast editors from Fiverr.

You don’t need to worry they are pretty affordable & it is your first & you wanna put your best out there. they might be really helpful in shaping your content better. So, I think this is a valuable investment but of course, you can do it yourself as well.

Step 9

Decide on podcast hosting: Choose a podcast hosting platform to store and distribute your podcast episodes.

I’ll be posting a different article where I’ll list out all the best podcast hosting platform but to name a few – Buzzsprout, Libsyn, and Podbean are good options.

You can also post your podcasts on YouTube, Spotify, Audible, Google Podcasts, etc.

Step 10

Market your podcast: Yes! people can find your podcasts on platforms & might think about giving you a chance but why wait when you can bring the audience yourself & this is why you need to Promote your podcast on social media, your website, and other relevant channels to attract listeners.

How To Promote Your Podcasts to Reach Maximum Audiences

Here are some tips for promoting and growing a podcast audience:

As I said you don’t have to wait for listeners to find you when you can find them as well.

Promoting podcasts is one of the most crucial parts because this can make or break your dream of having a successful podcast & to make this dream of yours a reality here are some amazing & highly effective ways/tips to promote your podcasts

Create great content: Focus on creating high-quality content that educates, entertains, and drives your listeners to act. This will help you attract and retain listeners.

Create hooks so that your listeners don’t lose you, as it is just audio, your content should be addicting.

Identify your target audience: Don’t try to be everything to everyone, you’ll end up being nothing to everyone. Know who you’re trying to reach and where they hang out online. This will make it 10X easier to create and promote podcast episodes that appeal to them.

Be strategic with your show’s name: Choose a name that reflects your podcast’s theme and format and is easy to remember and search for. Don’t try to hop on other people’s success. don’t just copy other people, try to come up with something original & make sure it is spelled right, easy to pronounce & remember.

Plan out your content: This one step can make your podcast creation 10X easier & that is to Create a content plan that outlines the structure and topics of your episodes. This will help you stay organized and focused during recording because you don’t need to wonder every single time what you need to create content on.

Most people skip this step & end up wasting valuable time thinking about what to create rather than creating.

You can use ChatGPT to create a content plan for you. It can also help you to come up with new content ideas, catchy titles, descriptions, etc.

Prepare a launch promotion plan: Create a plan to promote your podcast before and after the launch. This can include social media posts, email newsletters, and cross-promotions with other podcasts in your space.

If you already have an audience this might easily give your podcast an easy win, if you don’t…worry not.

You can start today…start building a social media following, and email list & do promote your podcasts on these platforms.use soci ai app to create content for social media …it can create months of content within seconds.

Set up cross-promotions with other podcasts in your space: Collaborate with other podcasters in your niche to cross-promote each other’s shows and reach new audiences.

Don’t hesitate to approach others thinking you are a beginner. just take a chance. you’ll be surprised to see how helping other creators can be…out of 10 almost 6-7 will be willing to help you out, you can always pay them for it

Pay to promote your show on popular podcasts in your space: Consider investing in paid advertising on popular podcasts in your niche to reach new listeners. Many successful shows offer paid shoutouts, you can get one of those. this is called influencer marketing.

Engage with your listeners: Build a community around your podcast by engaging with your listeners on social media, responding to comments and reviews, and creating opportunities for listeners to engage with each other.

Regardless of whether the comment is good or bad, engage with them. if someone criticizes you respond by saying that you’ll take notice of it & try to create better content the next time & if someone appreciates your content, thank them & let them know that it means a lot.

Be genuine & don’t try to be someone you are not.

Tease episodes before you release them: Build hype for upcoming episodes by teasing them on social media and in your podcast episodes. Just a sneak peek so that your listeners can get an idea about what they can expect.

You can also ask your listeners to give you topics that they want you to cover.

Attend events and conferences: Attend events and conferences in your niche to network with other podcasters and promote your show. You can be the biggest promotional channel of your podcasts. ( wear your podcasts t-shirts – your other merchandise to promote your show)

You can easily create your merchandise by using a platform like TeePublic…just upload your logo, select the product pay for it & you are done.

Your Merchandise will be delivered to you, you can also order some & distribute them at events.

Remember, growing a podcast audience takes time and effort. Stay consistent, engage with your listeners, and keep promoting your show to attract new listeners.

If you have any queries, do let us know

Create Podcasts In Seconds Using AI

If you want to start a podcast using AI check this out – this AI Tool change can convert any text, document, or ebook into a podcast/audiobook in seconds

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