How To Create Google Ad Account Without Campaign

This is a quick guide on how to set up your google ad account for free.

Many people while setting up google ads account find it difficult because it keeps redirecting them to create a campaign, So I’m writing this quick guide to help you set up your google ads account correctly.

Create Google Ad Account & Get Rs 2000 Ad Credit

Go to Create Google Ad Account & you’ll be directed to this page

How To Create Google Ad Account

Here as you can see you’ll get Rs. 2000 as ad credit i.e when you sign up & start running ads & when you spend Rs 2000 you’ll get extra Rs 2000 from Google as credit. Remember you’ll get this only when you spend Rs 2000

Now fill in your email address & click on I’m not a robot. & then click on Get my offer

After this, you’ll get an email in your inbox with you code, just like this

how to et Google Ad Credit

Here the area I have blurred is the area where you’ll have your code

Click on redeem ad credit

Now come back to the first page i.e Create Google Ad Account & click on get started

To get started you need to log in with your Google account. I’m sure you guys will be at least having a Gmail account if you don’t please create one. it is Super simple & free

Log in with the Gmail account you want & you’ll be redirected to this page

How To Set Up Google Ad Account Without Credit Card Details

How to set up google ad account without campaign

This is where many people mix up things (I did too :()

People just go with the flow & keep clicking next & next thus they will be guided to the campaign setup page & then they will be asked to provide credit card details

Don’t do this, rather click on the switch to expert mode

When you click on the switch to expert mode, you’ll be redirected to this page

guide to create free google ad account


You can set up campaigns here if you want…but for now

Click on create an account without a campaign

then you’ll need to confirm your business details such as country, currency, etc. Make sure it is correct because these can’t be changed

Now click on submit & you are done

Your Ad Account is ready for you to use


create ad account without credit card

It is as simple as that, now you can use your google ad account to run ads, Google ads also provide you with a keyword research tool called Google Keyword Planner. It is one of the best Keyword Research tools out there. You can use it for digging up some really awesome keywords which have a major impact on your SEO

Google Ads is really a vast subject & I’ll be posting many articles on this

How to use keyword planner for keyword research, different types of ads, how to setup & run ads, etc

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