Use Ahref Webmaster Tool For Free

What is Ahref Webmaster tools?

If you are into digital marketing chances are super high that you know about Ahref

Ahref is a keyword research tool that will help you to improve your site’s SEO & to rank high on Google but the catch here is it is a paid tool

Even being a paid tool it is still quite popular with the Digital Marketers because it provides you right results.

But if you are a beginner, I bet you are looking for an Ahref alternative, right?

The one that gives you a result like Ahref but doesn’t require you to invest money.

Well I’m happy to let you know that your search ends here

Today I’m sharing with you an amazing tool that will give you insights into your site just like Ahref but for free

A free alternative of Ahref

And the best thing is, it is launched by the Ahref team itself

Recently Ahref launched a new tool called Ahref webmaster tool that gives you all the information about your site just like Ahref & that too for free

It is launched recently & I was thinking about posting an article on this for some time so here is it finally!

What is Ahref Webmaster Tools?

It is a Free SEO Tool that provides SEO & Site insights of your website. So that you can improve your site ranking.

It is more like Google Search Console, It also has a crawler & it provides you with the keywords on which your site is ranking & in what position.

But what makes it different?

What do Ahref Webmaster Tools have to offer?

Ahref Webmaster tools provide you with On-page & Off-page SEO data of your site, to use this you need to verify ownership of your site

This Free SEO tool has so much to offer

It provides details that are available in the Paid Ahref

Ahref Webmaster tools give you keywords on which your site is ranking for along with the actual rank

It shows your URL rating as well as your Domain rating

And importantly it gives insights about your site’s backlinks, much more in detail when compared to Google Search Console. It also gives you a list of referring domains that I feel is not available in Google Search Console

In fact, you can do a full site audit without spending a single penny

Ahref Webmaster tools, not only gives you data about your backlinks but you can also find the latest backlinks
Now when we are talking about Ahref webmaster tools let check out Ahref itself.

why it is worth spending money on?

What Makes Ahref different from Ahref Webmaster tools?

Ahref is paid wh

ile Ahref webmaster tools are free, both give the details about your site then why should one pay for Ahref?

What will you get in Ahref Paid version that isn’t available in Ahref webmaster tools?

What is the difference between Ahref & Ahref Webmaster tools?

My personal favorite feature of this SEO tool is it gives you insights about your competitor sites as well.

Ahref has something called Link Intersect that you can use to spy on your competitor.

Just put in their link & it will show you all the SEO & Site diagnoses data about their site.

Like – how many keywords they are ranking for
what is their URL & Domain Ranking
How many backlinks do they have
you can also check out the sites that are offering your competitor a backlink & try to get one for yourself
You can also find out which are their top-performing content & you can post something on a similar topic

In short, Ahref can help you to up your SEO game & rank high in your niche

If you want you can check it out…I have used paid Ahref for some projects, I loved it <3 )

I started using Ahref Webmaster tools very recently, I’m still exploring it & I will share if something else amazing pops up

Now let’s see how you can sign up & use Ahref Webmaster tools

Sign Up For Ahref Webmaster tools

Just go to this link

Click on Sign Up for FREE

Make sure you sign up with the same email id which you used to use for Google Search Console.

Then you’ll receive an email to activate your account

Now you need to complete your account, put in your name, password & also from where you heard about the tool then click on continue

Now it’s time to set up your account.

You need to add your site, verify the ownership so that you can get the SEO data about your site

To do this you’ll have two options

Either to import the data directly from Search Console or if you wanna do it manually.

Connecting Ahref webmaster Tools & Google Search Console

The reason I insisted on you to use the same email id as that of your google search console was for this reason only

Having the same email id for both Ahref webmaster tools & search console makes the process super simple

Here I’m gonna click on Import

Now you need to allow access to your google search & analytics account

Here it will show you all the sites that are connected to your google search console, you can select the those you want to use, or by default, all the sites will be imported

ahref webmaster tools

After setting up there is where you’ll be redirected too

this is your dashboard

ahref webmaster tools

on the top left there is a search bar, just put in the domain that you’ll want to test & you’ll get the data. make sure to select the right protocol because the stats do vary with the change in HTTP & HTTPS

also at the bottom will be the data of the websites that you just imported from the search console

let me do a test search

This is how the results look like

ahref webmaster tools result

I’m sure you might have noticed I have blurred the domain names in images the reason for doing so is

I have set this account for my client & these stats belong to his site so, it won’t be fair to share the domain name with you guys.

I was setting up this account, felt like it would be helpful to you so wrote this blog post

Give this free SEO tool a try & let me know how it goes

If you discovered something new or found something hard. let me know

Until the next time

Take care & stay safe

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