Video Creation Made Easy

Video making, editing is one of the most in-demand & high paying skill. If you can get it right, there are people ready to pay you

Videos are really in demand, Social Media are video-friendly, videos have chances of ranking high or getting recommend more than pictures & texts. and if you can figure out how to create them then you are in demand as well

Companies are spending heavily on videos to present their products & services

If you are a blogger or mentor. You have more chance of reaching people with videos than with plain text

If you can figure out how to create engaging videos, then you can either create your own YouTube channel, reach more people & build your brand along with making really good money or you can offer it as a service to others

Create engaging, enticing videos for others & make a fortune with it, like these people

But I’m sure you might be wondering

How to do it?

You are not tech-savvy, you don’t know photoshop, you don’t know video editing, you don’t have a good camera, you can’t go out to capture amazing scenarios… then what?

How can you create engaging videos without going out or being tech-savvy?

Today technology is going to on the next level, due to the latest software, creating engaging videos are just as simple as typing hi, how are you?

Don’t believe me? Try it for yourself

Create professional videos in minutes [Without Being On Camera]

Today I’m sharing with you a software which will help you to create professional videos in 10minutes

It is the first of its quality, it has a fully advanced Artificial Intelligence Engine that helps you to create your professional video in just some clicks. All you need to create amazing videos is to provide the correct Text/description/script

And the amazing video maker is called Vidnmai. Formally known as content samurai, It is also Invideo Alternative

Convert Text Into Video Using Vidnami

Yes, just text. Write what is your video about

You input the story or script & rest is taken care of by AI

According to the text you entered, the keywords in your script are analyzed by AI & it selects pictures & video clips according to your script & creates a beautiful video. all you got to check it out, make some changes if you need(rare case) & then there you have it your video is completely ready to be shared with the video.

This is a fantastic way to create videos without being on camera.

If you are a blogger then this is perfect for you

You can add enticing videos to your blog posts which will help you to rank high on Google as well as help you to hold your audience attention for long

Also if you love writing how-to guide this is just the perfect choice for you, as you know people tend to find how-to videos easier than how to written guides

AI will pick out the perfect graphics for your video

You can also use this AI specialized app to

Convert blog post into YouTube videos

For bloggers, this is an amazing way to start your journey as a YouTuber.

This Video Maker will help you to convert your blogpost into YouTube videos

Just copy your blogpost & paste it into the app, it will automatically select the appropriate pictures & video clips according to the text & provide you will a neat clean blended video

Just check it out once & you are good to go

Download the video & you can post this video on YouTube, social media or even you use it as a part of your ad copy

It is a proven fact that video ads or even videos, in general, get more exposure than images and text

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