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Hey guys

If you are someone who just started blogging or want to start a blog then I have many articles written on the topic do check out

Scope For Blogging In 2021

6 Ways To Monetize Your Blog

How To Create A Successful Blog

But this article isn’t for you

Here we are talking about someone who already has a blog, which is already ranking on Google & driving a decent amount of traffic

If you want to know how to drive traffic check this out

If your blog is ranking, if you are getting traffic then today I’m sharing with you a technique through which you can scale your blog, you can grow it, get more exposure, more leads, make passive income through it, & create your brand

Now you might be wondering how to do it?

Today I will show you how you can scale your blog using flyout

I’m using them for 7 months, I have 3 of my client’s blog submitted there & so far the experience has been really good

The blog is growing, getting more exposure & also earning an income. Do you want to know how?

Now before getting into how you can use flyout, how to register your blog, how it works it is important to know

What is is a platform where you can register your blog & if it gets approved. You’ll get sponsored posts to publish on your blog & you’ll get paid for every blog post. login

You can select the content & you’ll set the price.

It is legit & not all blogs get approved so the quality & authority of the content will be great.

How Can You Apply To Flyout

Go to this link, sign up with your email id & once you signed in you have to add your website/blog Review Sign Up

Important info

Please give Access to your Google Analytics account, if you don’t, chances are pretty high that your blog won’t be approved.

If people don’t know you have the traffic coming in, you have the potential to give them exposure then no one is going to select your blog to publish their content. so obviously your blog will be rejected. So please give Access to your Google Analytics account

Once you have registered, the approval process will start. Within a day or two, you’ll know whether you’re blog is approved or not

When the approval process is still going on

Price Per Blog Post

You can select the price of every blog post, the system will give you an estimated value based on your blog content & quality. But if you want you can change it as well

How does Flyout work? Flyout Review

Once your blog is approved, the sponsor gets to see your blog as available for sponsored posts. They’ll check out your blog & if you’re blog is in their niche & if they like it

They’ll select your blog to publish their posts & you’ll get paid for every blog post

Now there are two ways how they can publish on your blog

Either you can manually approve the blog post, after checking its content quality or you can keep it is automatically approved

That means when someone wishes to publish their content on your blog they can do it automatically as per your approval.

This is as simple as that, for blogs that have a decent amount of traffic this is one of my personal easy & effective ways to scale your blog

You just gotta set it up once & your blog will generate passive income for you even when you’re doing nothing

You’ll practically make money while you are sleeping

Here is the link to register →> Registration is free for now so get started

Can You Apply For If You Have Google Adsense?

People who run google Adsense are always skeptical when joining a new platform because they fear their Adsense account getting banned (justified fear!) but let me make this pretty clear that you can use Flyout even if your blog is already being monetized with Google Adsense.

Flyout is completely safe & you can totally use this along with Google Adsense

And if your blog isn’t getting approved by Google Adsense then this is an effective way to monetize your blog without Adsense

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